January 24, 2022

Clinical Support Services Manager

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€80k p.a
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Full time
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February 24, 2022
Position no longer available. See other open positions.
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Medilink International Malta is looking for a clinical support services manager to support their operations.

Attention: This role is not remote, you will need to relocate to Malta if you do not live there. Relocation costs will be covered for the right candidate. You must be eligible to work in the EU.

The Position is responsible for the management of a core team of medical  professionals based at Head Office responsible for providing clinical support to Medilink’s  operations globally in real time. This team includes the Clinical Governance Team, Biomedical  Technicians and Senior Health & Wellbeing officer 

The position also acts as lead for the delivery of clinical support services to operations in line with  the company’s strategic business objectives to achieve value for money and effective  management of services and resources, The position also acts as a thought leader in promoting  the Medilink service vision within the industry. This position provides Clinical Expertise and  leadership at the highest level within the Company requiring a background with a breadth of  medical experience that includes direct remote site experience, experience in a supportive role  for remote sites, administrative and organisational experience of large medical projects and  facilities and expertise and experience in aeromedicine and trauma. The above is required to be  backed up with experience in countries where health care is recognised as being of high quality. 

This position leads the clinical governance agenda for the company and provide 24-hour Topside  support (on call) for remote sites as well as clinical expertise and guidance for project design and  provision.  


Clinical Support Services Management responsibilities 

▪ Responsible for the day-to-day management, development and mentoring of assigned team  members.  

▪ Coordinating the tasks of assigned team members and liaising with other departments and  supporting as required.  

▪ Work closely with Country and Project Managers to ensure Client and project requirements  are met.  

▪ Working closely with the Quality Department to ensure all relevant issues relating to quality,  including risk management are effectively identified, managed and monitored.  

▪ Work with relevant teams and individuals to achieve quality assured clinical services. 

▪ Develop, agree and manage key performance indicators for the clinical support services. 

▪ Setting up administrative systems for the clinical support services team.  

▪ Ensuring that all company equipment is tracked, accounted for and properly maintained 

▪ Liaising with the Finance Department and providing all required information. 

▪ Liaise with the Commercial Department in the preparation of competitive bids.

▪ Maintaining excellent business relationships with clients 

▪ Instigating continuous improvements to keep Medilink services and support at the forefront of  industry and peers and exceed client expectations.  

▪ Revising, proposing and implementing where required policies and procedures as well as  following company policies and procedures to ensure proper execution, performance of and  quality delivery of services at all times. 

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Medilink International has over two decades of expertise in providing remote area medical services to multinational companies and public sector entities. We operate worldwide serving clients in sectors ranging from the oil and gas extraction industries and infrastructure conglomerates to insurance firms, governmental health services and international NGOs. We have the experience and resources to serve clients worldwide in remote and extreme environments. Our expertise lies in providing integrated, medical support services tailored to the diverse requirements of each client and sector.
Melida Shaw

Melida Shaw

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