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Dedicated Freelance Workers

We will recruit freelance data entry specialists, chat moderators, customer support agents, and more for your company.
The dedicated worker

Your business backbone!

Understanding the importance of reliable task management, company decision-makers turn to us when searching for the right people to streamline the daily workflow.

A dedicated freelancer or worker is the person that has specific tasks such as moderating your social channels, answering customer queries, doing those important cold calls and much more.

Sourcing and recruiting dedicated freelancers with the appropriate skillset you require for these roles is a time-consuming and expensive endeavor.

With the help of Talentroo we are able to recruit the right person or your entire team of remote workers for basic roles.

We remove the pain periods of sourcing, screening, and verifying the people you need.

What roles Do You need filled?

We can recruit for all your BPO or company needs.

Roles we specialise in

content moderators

Is public reputation important for you?

The content moderator oversees your social media and online presence, ensuring your customers and casual visitors have an enjoyable experience with your public content.

If you have a large or ever-growing following, skilled content moderators will help you maintain and improve your public reputation.

virtual assistant

Spending a lot of time dealing with organising you day?

A virtual assistant is someone who will help you manage everything from your calendar to travel plans.

In essence the things you would like to have sorted so you can focus on dealing with clients and customers.

Chat agent

Are you getting emails from customers asking about your products and services?

Getting onboard one or a dedicated team of customer support agents creates an opportunity for you to help your valued customers solve their issues. Without your input on all aspects.

mystery shopper

Are you seeing drop-offs in your e-commerce or email automation flow?

In general, we are too busy with dealing with day to day business that we often forget to do regular check-ups on our services.

An undercover agent will do your customer journey and guide you in the right direction.

cold call

How are you reaching potential B2B customers?

A freelancer cold caller or team of callers can reach thousands of potential clients and buyers for your service or products.

A dedicated B2B caller only needs a phone and a list of numbers to bring you success.

asian girl laptop

What other tools should your business tool box contain?

Some of the other roles we specialise in recruiting are, chat agents, tele sales agents, admin support, researchers, content writers and more.

Start building your business backbone today!

stop wasting time on bad freelancers

Let us help you recruit dedicated freelance workers!

Talentroo consists of a team of expert recruiters who themselves have years of prominent freelance experience.

Apart from understanding clients’ needs through numerous projects, our recruiters are proficient with sourcing, assessing, and hiring the right freelancers for the job.

Through our global partner network, we have access to more than 100k pre-screened, verified freelancers. Our team interviews and sorts all dedicated workers into categories suitable to client’s requirements looking for quality assistance in their recruitment efforts.

We aim to provide you with contract-ready dedicated workers in less than a week!

Matching your demands

Dedicated worker recruitment includes

recorded interviews

Real identity verified (KYC)

All candidates are verified through an external ID verification process. See Evalid for more info.

Pre-screening report

Every candidate is screened for basic information such as residency, languages they speak, professional field, etc.
talent report

Psychometric/personality tests

With each suitable candidate, you will receive a personality profile to help you make a more informed decision.
man on laptop

Hire replacement guarantee

If the candidate you want backs out or decides to leave you within the early stages, we deliver a new candidate free of charge! (conditions apply).
Need help recruiting?

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