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We specialize in finding executives or management freelancers anywhere in the world, within any field you need.
Executives and managers

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If there is a vacancy at the top level of your organization, you should not compromise on acquiring talent. Failing to have good leaders will impact you and your employees, clients, and company reputation.

A great leader will move your business forward and motivate your people to passionately commit to the overall goals of your business ventures.

Hiring a freelance leader has some unique challenges. Day-to-day management is traditionally done face to face in office settings. With the trend towards more remote work, this is starting to change.

You want to employ managers and leaders who understand and work well in a remote setting. Talentroo is a unique expert recruitment agency on the market with a database of handpicked freelance executives and managers.

what leader do you need?

We can recruit globally and fill all your management needs.

Roles we specialise in


The tribe builders!

The CEO grows and builds your team to a machine that works in achieving your company's goals.

This is a role that needs an experienced leader who is methodical, highly organized, and productive.

The right individual in this position will motivate and inspire your team to bring their best "game" and lead the company to success and recognition.


Operational proficiency is not something you buy!

Why is the role of COO such an important role in your company?

It is because they will ensure that all your operations run smoothly.

A great communicator and excellent organiser is needed to succeed as a COO.


Running a start-up alone is hard!

That is why you should consider a co-founder.

Finding someone to work alongside you to build your dream is hard, but we can help!

We know where to look and what to seek.

regional manager

Do you run your business globally?

A dedicated regional manager needs to understand their region better than others.

We have partners in 20+ countries ready to recruit the top freelance managers available.


Great directors with the skills your need are hard to find!

However, with out global access, we know where to start looking.

When you need someone to lead your departments to the next level, hiring a bad director will not help you grow.

guy , arms in cross

Other roles we specialise in are: 

- Chief technical officers
- Chief financial officers
- Chief revenue officers

And many more executive positions. Get in touch today to learn how we can help

Don't let global talents slip

Let us help you recruit the world's best executives and managers!

We know that many businesses today are not utilizing the potential they have. Even with a team of great people, they often lack the Head on top, making sure that everybody truly exceeds expectations.

One of the reasons why many firms don’t employ proven leaders is because of the limited talent sourcing they practice. Many top-rated professionals with the specific skills and mindset you look for are unwilling to travel to work.

As we see more and more companies assigning staff to work remotely, there is an imminent need to find top management leaders with remote freelance experience.

This is where we can help!

Matching your demands

Executive/manager recruitment includes

recorded interviews

Real identity verified (KYC)

All candidates are verified through an external ID verification process. See Evalid for more info.

Pre-screening report

Every candidate is screened for basic information such as residency, languages they speak, professional field, etc.
talent report

Psychometric/personality tests

With each candidate, you will receive a profile of their personality relevant to their role and needs.
man on laptop

Hire replacement guarantee

If the candidate you want backs out or decides to leave you within the early stages, we will deliver a new candidate free of charge! (conditions apply).
man on laptop

Cover-all suitability analysis

We do sustainability analysis to be able to find the candidate that best matches you and your company culture.
man on laptop

In-person video interview

All candidates are interviewed by a professional recruiter, live over a video call.
man on laptop

Specialist area skill tests

We test all candidates in the skillset you expect them to have. Feel free to evaluate their skills before making a decision.
man on laptop

Our recommendation report

We create a unique 1-page report with our recommendations about each candidate for your convenience.
man on laptop

CV provided on request

The CV/resume is in our opinion an outdated report, but we have it and will provide it upon your request.
man on laptop

Dedicated hiring support agent

We team up with you through the entire hiring process and in the first 30-60 days after the hiring decision.
man on laptop

Job listed on online job-board

Talentroo has its own dedicated job board where we can advertise your open position to thousands of talents! Jobboard
man on laptop

Follow-up assessment interview

Sometimes a decision is though, so we will do follow up interviews with your favorite candidates before you decide.
man on laptop

Recorded candidate interview

On request we can record the whole or parts of the interview with the candidate. We share the recording with you to better understand the candidate.
man on laptop

Background check (if applicable)

We conduct background checks of the candidates if this is important for the
role. The info we can request depends on the nationality of the candidates.
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