How Talentroo help recruiters

Find candidates for your business or clients by searching, filtering, and seeing recorded screening interviews of professional remote workers that have been vetted, profiled, and approved by Human Resource Recruitment professionals.

Source candidates for your clients

On Talentroo you will find pre-screened, profiled, and interviewed talents, looking for employment.

As a recruiter, or a company you will save money on sourcing candidates, reading their LinkedIn, requesting their CV, booking the interview, conducting the interview, and having the interview.

We have already done all that for you!
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Search and filter remote workers.

If you are hiring someone in a specific field, or with a specific skill it is easy to search in our portfolio.

Maybe location is important for you, or that they have a US work visa? What about the operating system?

The choices are made to make it easier for you to pinpoint what you are searching for.

We do the screening for you!

We have talked to every single person you see in our database. Unlike other talent market places, we only accept those that make it through our screening process.

What you will find are remote talents that are real, that you can see and you can hear talking about their professional skills and background.

You can do the followup interview on behalf of your client or for your company.
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The benefits of using Talentroo!

You can browse and contact any remote worker for free. You need a paid account to access certain parts.

zero commission

Zero Commission

Different than other agencies is that we do not ask you to pay us any commission. You hire & pay the talents directly, and work with them how you want. You are in charge.
direct contact

Direct Contact

When you contact any of our talents through the contact form, we send your email directly to their email. Your connection will then be between you two from then on. We are not involved.
video verified

Video Verified

As we interview and record all the remote workers, we guarantee that they are whom they say they are. For a fee you can also see the interviews we have conducted.
remote focused

Remote Focused

All our talents have skills ready to work remotely. They have all a minimum of 2 years of remote work experience and knows how to stay productive and motivated while working remotely
Paid Plan
recorded interviews

See Recorded Interviews

We record all the screening interviews and put them on the candidates profile. See them talk and explain their background, remote experience, and professional skills.
Paid Plan
download cv

Download CVs

Each candidate has sent us their latest and most updated CV. If you like to use the CV in addition to their online profiles and recorded interviews you can download it here.
Paid Plan
talent report

Talent Report

Our team consists of professional HR agents. We screen and evaluate everyone and put all findings in a report. We have a report on every person available for you on request.
Free Plan
save profiles

Save Profiles

If you find candidates that you would like to followup on later, you can save them to your private dashboard. Build your potential new team before reaching out to them. Timesaving and efficient.
Free Plan
remote setup

See Remote Setup

All talents have sent us a picture, taken from their remote work setup as it was at the time when they applied. Get a better idea of their current setup and professionalism.
Paid Plan
request assistance

Request Assistance

If you want us to help you follow up with a talent we can assist you. We can help with a followup interview or help you with your specific hiring need. Reach out with your issue (comes with a fee).
Paid Plan
priority support

Priority Support

Monthly & annual subscribers enjoy priority support from our HR team. Ask us if you have any issues with reaching out to a candidate or you have any other concerns hiring from the platform.
Paid Plan

Assigned An Agent

Annual subscribers will be assigned an agent that will contact you for a meeting. Together, you and the agent will work on finding your first hire by sourcing some excellent candidates for you, and giving advice.
Find Remote Workers

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I browse Talents for free?

Yes! You can start browsing talents for free, but with limited access.

Can I contact the candidates?

Yes! You can contact all candidates as you like. We do not limit how and when you contact them.

Do you have paid memberships?

Yes! You can choose between a day pass, monthly membership, or annual membership. Memberships give you full access to the talent profiles.

Which payment methods do you accept?

We use Stripe to manage all payments. Stripe accepts all major banks and online payment providers such as Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

Do you have a free trial?

No! We are sorry, but we spend a lot of time to source and verify all talents, so we keep the access exclusive.

Can I cancel the membership?

The day pass cancels itself after 24 hours. The monthly pass you can cancel at any time, the same with the annual. You can still browse the members without a membership, but you don`t have access to the membership benefits.

Can I get a refund if I cancel?

Talentroo`s memberships are non-refundable. If you cancel your subscription, all of your membership benefits,  will expire at the end of your billing cycle. All talents you have saved in your profile will still be saved there, but you need a subscription to see them.

How is the interview conducted?

The interviews are done online by a professional recruiter, and it is recorded.

Do you edit the interviews?

No, the footage is the raw, unedited recording.

What form of interview is it?

Our interview is a screening interview where we focus on getting to know the person better. The interview is split into 3 stages, their professional background, their remote work experience, and their professional skills and experience.

How long are the interviews?

Each stage is on average 2-5 minutes. Some candidates have a wider background so they have more to say. In general the answers are to the point directly. The total time for the interviews is around 15 minutes.

What is covered in the professional background stage of the interview?

We let the candidate introduce themselves and talk about how they have come to where they are now in their professional career. We also ask them what they are currently looking for and what type of clients/industries they would like to work for in the future.

What is covered in the remote work experience stage of the interview?

We ask; tell us about your experience working remotely, tell us about some of the challenges of working remotely, and whether they have experience working in remote teams.

What is covered in the professional skills and experience stage of the interview?

Here we let them talk about their profession, how they define it, which makes them good at it, and what their top skills are. We also ask them what value their background, skills, and experience will bring to the next client hiring them.