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How many hours have you spent searching, applying and waiting for an invitation to an interview, and then wasted it all by not being prepared?

Increase your chances of nailing the interview with having a real test interview with a professional recruiter!

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What some of our interview clients say


Sourabh Page

"Excellent!!! -My interaction with Paul has been exceptional. His skills and knowledge are amazing."
June. 24. 2020

Things to keep in mind for interview process

Prakash Shrestha

I've failed quite a lot of interviews. I've never thought of lot of things like first impression, value proposition and action plan's role in the interview process.Pål was friendly and delivered me the session very well...
June. 24. 2020

The best one!


I had really great impression after using Talentroo service in terms that I have received really good feedback information and general great advises that were very helpful. This service helped me to understand where I was making mistakes..
June. 30. 2020

Interviewing with Talentroo was smooth..

Ahmed Aly

Interviewing with Talentroo was smooth, exciting and a all in all a pleasure.
June. 29. 2020

Their no one factor which gains 5 Stars


Their no one factor which gains anyone 5 Star. Their are combination of various elements which brings the best experience. Paul is very professional and made full use of automation meld with timely and professional response...
June. 26 2020

Talentroo is a great platform for me…

Leo Kirneh

Talentroo is a great platform for me since the corona situation has forced me to look for work elsewhere. Loved the experience. Keep rocking!
June. 26 2020

The experience with Talentroo and owner Paul..


The experience with Talentroo and owner Paul has been outstanding. It is rare to find a more genuine and passionate recruiter/coach as Paul. He has the unique ability to listen, give developmental advice...
June. 26 2020



Paul`s understanding of the mind of a recruiter is eyeopening. So much I hadn`t thought about before! I highly recommend him!
June. 26 2020

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What will you learn with an interview coach?

First Impression

The first impression can be a deal-breaker for many interviewers. We will go through what you need to consider, and how to start the meeting.

Curveball questions

Sometimes an interviewer's questions can take you by surprise. We will give you some ideas on how to try to best reply to these different and sometimes weird questions.

What not to say

There are things you can say to your friends, and there are things you can say in an interview. What is it ok to talk about, and what is not?

How to talk about you

How do you respond to the "tell me about yourself" question? A very common and overused question, but it is still asked, and easy to get wrong.

How to prepare

Online interview or in person? How you prepare and come prepare differs. We will tell you what you need to consider before the interview starts.

When asked about salary

This is a difficult question and will many times guide the interviewer on what to pay you. We will explain to you what to say to increase your value.

How to follow-up

You should always follow up on the interview. What do you say, and how long after do you follow up? Do you send an email or call? We will guide you.

Asking questions

What questions should you prepare to ask, and when do you ask them? How do you ask followup questions in the middle of the interview?

I will coach you so you will have more confidence going into the interview, help you refine your pitch, and prepare you for the most difficult interview questions.

Meet your coach!

Hi, I am Paul Arnesen, I will be your interview coach.

I have been involved in recruitment and selection for more than a decade now. In terms of having been on the other side of the interview many times, I know how difficult it is to fail. The feeling of leaving the room after an interview and knowing that what just happened in there will never be repeated. "Why did I say that - what did they mean with that question - I should have prepared better".

As someone who now sits on the other side of the table, I can emphasize with you and your worries.

I am now the founder of Talentroo, and my current focus is to be an advocate for the benefits of remote work. As an essential part of remote work is online interviews I have decided to share my skills and knowledge from both being interviewed remotely and from holding 5-10 online interviews weekly. I also conduct regularly remote work career coaching to people looking to build a remote career.

I have an extensive and comprehensive background in HR and have throughout my educational life managed to obtain a master's in HR and organizational psychology. I have also been a manager, an army officer, a sales consultant, and a teacher. I have also been both a co-owner of a digital marketing agency, as well as sole owner of 2 multidisciplinary consultancies. In addition to giving expert advice on HR, I have been hired to work on marketing campaigns, business strategy, and online privacy & data protection.

With my background, I can put on different hats, depending on what roles you are looking for and most likely be interviewed for in your next interview.

I am looking forward to being your coach!
Picture of Paul Arnesen
Pal was amazing with his services. My interview session gave me a greater understanding on how to handle online interviews and I got some helpful advice on what I should be focusing on. If you are looking for an interview coach I wouldnt hesitate to reccomend him!
Sine Shabalala
I had really great impression after using Talentroo service in terms that I have received really good feedback information and general great advises that were very helpful. This service helped me to understand where I was making mistakes during online interview and how to avoid that situation in future.
Dana Jasika

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