Remote job kickstarter!

New to the remote work life? Where do you start, how do find jobs, how do you apply, how do you show a potential employer you are ready to work remotely?

With a kickstarter session with a professional remote recruiter, you will be given the right guidance about where to go, based on your personal profile

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There are thousands of remote jobs available, how do you stand out among other job seekers?

How can a remote job kickstart session help you?

If you want to start a remote work career you have to navigate through hundreds of remote work job sites, Facebook groups and similar, you need to update your LinkedIn, your CV, and much much more.

What is the right order of doing it, where do you start?

Our professional coach has been in your shoes many times and knows what it takes.

Our coaches are real remote work recruiters. They know what you should do, but also what you should avoid doing, as they read hundreds of remote job applications every week.

Through a conversation with our coach, you will learn how to find jobs based on your skills, background, and desires.

What will we cover in a session?

Help you understand what professional field you should focus your skills on.

Tell you the top sites for you to locate jobs suitable for your profession.

Advise you on what skills you should improve to become more employable.

Give you feedback on your LinkedIn profile and CV.

Provide you with tips and tricks on how to write good cover letters for remote jobs.

Coach you in some typical interview questions you will get from recruiters.
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Who is this for?

Ready to start your remote career?

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Meet your remote job coach!

Hi, I am Paul Arnesen!

For the last 5-6 years, I have worked remotely with my marketing consultancy and marketing agency as well as a data protection consultancy. I have also more than 10 years of background from human resources, coaching, and recruitment and I have been employed in remote jobs, and I helped hire people for remote jobs.

I realised early on in my remote career that finding a decent paying remote job that was attractive and inspired me was not easy.

And back then there were not many options to find these jobs as it is today. Today there seems to be an abundance of choices, but many companies fail to communicate clearly the remote requirements. Also, having applied to many it was frustrating that so many recruiters and companies never responded.

I wasn't able to find the help I wanted, or the jobs I wanted, so I decided that a change was needed. So I started

I am now able to help you because I have been in your shoes. At the same time, I know what companies are looking for, and how they evaluate CVs, LinkedIn profiles, and cover letters. I do it now for my clients every day!

I am happy to be part of your way to remote work life, and I am sure that together you will the results you seek! The process we do together is focused, clear, effective, and step-by-step you will reach your goal
paul a
Their no one factor which gains anyone 5 Star. Their are combination of various elements which brings the best experience. Paul is very professional and made full use of automation meld with timely and professional response. Not only did he complete the work in a project time but made my profile outshine.
Shirish Khedkar
Talentroo is a great platform for me since the corona situation has forced me to look for work elsewhere. Loved the experience. Keep rocking!
Leo Kirneh

What will a get a remote job session cover?

experience analysis

Experience Analysis

We want to listen to you, your background, and your experience. That way we can tell you if you are on the right path to finding a remote job or need to adapt.
tips tricks

Tips & Tricks

No one knows the online world of remote work better than us. Get our thoughts about where you should search for jobs and what resources you need to use to become an attractive remote worker.
cv feedback

LinkedIn/CV Feedback

We will look at your LinkedIn and CV and tell you what is good and what you need to improve. This will be based on what your goals are and how we understand your strengths and weaknesses.


We are expert remote work coaches and recruiters so we will coach you in how to deal with job offers, job searches, interviews, and networking with hiring managers and other recruiters.

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SERVICE HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED. Please contact us for any questions.