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Bíborka Takács
Bíborka Takács

Bíborka Takács

PR communications expert

I am a freelancer PR communications expert who is open for new opportunities.

I am an open minded and open hearted communications expert who can help you who will help you to reach your target audience with your messages

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Cover Letter

If you're seeking a capable, creative, team-oriented person with a dynamic outlook on life and a strong desire to succeed in Public Relations, then you should review my enclosed resume. As you will note, I have strong talents in creating, writing, and producing communication piece. My organizational skills have allowed me to prioritize schedules and consistently complete projects within challenging time and budget guidelines. I am working now as a freelancer communications expert, I engage n my job as the Public Relations coordinator at Centurion Medical, I engage with internal and external stakeholders, including employees, clients, media outlets. I am responsible for creating and editing press releases and generating a monthly employee newsletter. I develop crisis communication responses and talking points, and I also serve as the organizational spokesperson, which involves responding to media inquiries and appearing on local newscasts. Finally, my 15 years of experience in broadcast journalism has allowed me to develop exceptional skills in thinking on my feet, community outreach, and public relations. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Professional Facts

Professional field
PR & Communications
Work availability
6+ Years
Level of education
Master’s or equivalent level
Last update
July 21, 2021

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