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Video creation and editing / motion design
Daniel Marosvary
Daniel Marosvary

Daniel Marosvary

Freelancer video editor, video editing instructor

self employed, open to new projects

With 10+ years of experience I'll always find a way to make the video that meets your needs. Or help you make your own.

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Cover Letter

Hi! Im a freelancer working on project base. My main profile is video editing, but I also have experience in 2D animation, graphic design and DTP so I'm open to any kind of moving or non moving graphical stuff. I'm flexible and open minded, it might sound cliche but I'm happy when the client is happy. Besides actually working on projects I am also teaching these skills, on courses for companies and in private lessons, I really like it so I'm open to that too.

Professional Facts

Work availability
6+ Years
Level of education
Bachelor’s or equivalent level
Last update
July 15, 2021

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