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Dino Kovačević
Dino KovačevićSlovenia

Dino Kovačević

Project Manager and Lead Admin
Ypsilon Institute


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Virtual Assistant
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Ljubljana, Slovenia
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"Work achievement or I could say combined work achievements from the current job that I'm most proud of are all the implementations that I did in order to make our organization more effective and more efficient. I joined the current organization to establish sales which is something they weren't proactively doing before. So when I started working on this, I first looked at the existing offer, to whom we were already selling our services, and what was the pricing strategy. Based on this we created a B2B sales strategy with newly created buyer personas, new lists of leads, new pricing strategy, and also a very important LinkedIn strategy. With this, we doubled the number of booked workshops within a month and achieved the same number of booked workshops for the previous three months combined. As mentioned LinkedIn plays a very important part in our sales and marketing activities where we use Company page to share important updates and activities with our stakeholders, especially (potential) partners and sponsors. As I learned from previous work experiences, that having a solution to track all the sales (and marketing) activities is crucial for sales growth, I proposed to implement Hubspot CRM solution based on the existing needs at the time. I managed to implement Hubspot CRM in two weeks and with this I was quickly able to drive our sales activities more efficiently and my marketing colleagues were able to drive their marketing activities more efficiently. As our team grew we realized we needed a tool that would enable us to have a better overview of our work and collaboration so I did the analysis of work management tools for teams and concluded that Asana would be the most suitable for us and afterward successfully implemented and set it up within a week. Now we use Asana on a daily basis as we are mostly focused on managing projects, which Asana, with all the add-ons that I added to it, does it really well. While setting up Asana I was learning from their online courses and because I saw a lot of potential in the solution I decided to specialize in Asana by becoming Asana Certified Pro which enabled me to help other organizations with the implementation of Asana. With our growth, an improved connection between sales and marketing operations, and a greater focus on attracting more sponsors and donors we realized there is a more suited solution for us to manage our sales and marketing efforts. That is why I decided to implement Salesforce NPSP and move our sales and marketing operations on it and within 3 weeks we were successfully running on Salesforce NPSP. Last but not least I would like to mention that very soon after I joined the current team I took the initiative to manage Slack, which in the beginning included removing redundant channels, or merging them and later adding new users as well as adding/connecting other apps that we use with Slack. I'm still responsible for the maintenance and administration of the above-mentioned tools/platforms which we are using on a daily basis and for which I regularly check for new ways to upgrade them and connect them for more synchronized work of our team."

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