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Elena Hoebeke
Elena Hoebeke

Elena Hoebeke

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"I have extensive experience with the executive management team and Board of Directors. Where I supported and developed their succession pipeline, took part in changing the diversity agenda, and improved their talent review approach, all activities that are critical for the long-term growth and continuous success in a company. Moreover, I was the first to develop and code an interactive dashboard with big data for both current workforce review and predictive analysis for the whole organization (Novo Nordisk approx. 42 000 employees) Furthermore, I have created, run and development programs, individually coached and facilitated team for, Specialists, Project Managers, and Leaders across several business areas. Also, I successfully re-designed and negotiated the cost of several programs down 40%. Key contact and owner of two large SuccessFactors (SF)modules Employee Profile, Succession Planning. As part of owning the two modules, I was the sole responsible for roll-out, training, support all employees, particularly key stakeholders and managed updates, end-user improvements, and lead (dotted reporting) the system management team based in India. Furthermore, I was the main driver for building and rolling out LearnIT (SF) to approx. 7500 employees. I have gained experience not solely from a P&O (HR) perspective, but also from direct knowledge navigating through multifaceted environments been a critical driver for the annual cycle in different areas within the organization. I have effectively managed multiple expectations, adapted to diverse business dynamics, simultaneously handling daily ad hoc tasks, and lead complex projects with employees with various professions. Not the least, I have gained a broad skill set to drive a successful HR agenda. My master thesis was part of a larger research project on mental training in high-performance groups (2011-2015) in collaboration with the Norwegian Institute of Aviation Medicine, Olympiatoppen (Norwegian organization for the development of elite sports) and the Norwegian School of Sports Science. The project consists of several studies intended to measure broth subjective and objective effects of mindfulness interventions in a variety of high-performance populations. My undertaking was to qualitatively examine the broad effect of Mental Mindfulness Training (MMT) in a Norwegian Army 339 helicopter squadron. Data was collected approximately three months after the intervention had creased, by interviewing 42 individuals working at the squadron. The collected data were analyzed applying Grounded Theory (GT) methodology. I was employed by the Norwegian Armed Forces for 1,5 years and managed two student assistants. The thesis is in the review of being published in the Journal of Aviation Medicine. "

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