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Sales & Marketing
Evelina Milenova
Evelina Milenova

Evelina Milenova

Social Media Manager and Analyst

Social Media Marketing Consultant

I have a very professional approach with a high focus on details. I will communicate with you so that we get to where you want to be.

Cover Letter

"In my previous role as Sales & Marketing Supervisor at A Data Pro, I was assigned to manage a project for Jaguar Land Rover. My company was commissioned to complete a series of reports by a media agency. Our team had to use the Brandwatch social listening platform to collect information about the launch of a new vehicle in seven European countries, understanding how impactful the marketing campaign was and how it compared to similar events held by competitors. I was managing the project, being involved in every stage of it, including client communication, team training, coordination, quality control, etc. It was a very demanding project as deadlines were tight and we had to provide valuable insights to make an impression on this new client. The project was a success and as a result, my company received many further projects from the same agency for sportswear brand Columbia, pharmaceutical company Merck, World Health Organization, and others."

Professional Facts

Professional field
Sales & Marketing
Work availability
3-6 Years
Level of education
Bachelor’s or equivalent level
Last update
August 1, 2020

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