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Software Development
Fernando Olivares
Fernando Olivares

Fernando Olivares

iOS Technical Manager

Senior Apple Developer @ J2 Global Inc

I am a developer at heart with both strong technical skills and people skills

Cover Letter

After a few years of being a TPM, I moved over to helping lead a startup. I joined when they were only a few people and, honestly, I whipped them into shape. We went from a trello board with hundreds of stories to a process where teams would be laser-focused and we could deliver quickly. I guided the CEO, CTO and COO so that we could have a roadmap and understand where we wanted to go. I helped the Director of Product with guidance on UI/UX for the iOS ecosystem. I did code reviews and some stories for iOS. Honestly, I was all over the place and it was a blast.

Professional Facts

Professional field
Software Development
Work availability
6+ Years
Level of education
Bachelor’s or equivalent level
Last update
July 17, 2020

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