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Business Development
Justin Smith
Justin Smith

Justin Smith

Experienced Business Leader

Supporting multiple clients on business management needs and launching my brand

I am a very focused and strategic-minded individual in all aspects of my life. I have been fortunate to experience all roles in business and keep up with the current and future trends.

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Hello! I have 15 years of experience in Program Management, Quality Systems Management, Auditing, Operations, Inventory Management, Training Programs, and People Management. I understand how to grow and effectively sustain businesses from the bid process to the invoice stage. I have a proven track record of successfully creating a winning team environment and process control while maintaining exceptional customer service and quality ratings through my teams. I understand how people work together and what drives success in business. Lean Methodology has been a large focus of my career which enables me to work very effectively and use these tools constantly.

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Professional field
Business Development
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6+ Years
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Bachelor’s or equivalent level
Last update
July 8, 2021

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