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Graphic Designer
Linda Fraikin
Linda Fraikin

Linda Fraikin

Graphic Designer

Self-employed Designer and Educator

I am multilingual and I bring more than 25 years of experience from print design and publications.

Cover Letter

"There have been a few. Most involved good cooperation with the client, few words needed to communicate effectively. With each of us being experts in our field, bringing together the best of two worlds and producing a great product that is functional, aesthetic and with solid scientific content. For example, the International Polar Year Report, where I worked together with a scientist. I also consider it an achievement if I can change peoples views and expectations. A friend was in a small panic when he unexpectedly had to provide a digital brochure for a fair. Normally he would work with a local designer to keep the cost down, but due to the time pressure, he turned to me (reliability of the Dutch). We only had a week, but it could be done and done well. Time and reliability come with a different price tag."

Professional Facts

Professional field
Graphic Designer
Work availability
6+ Years
Level of education
Master’s or equivalent level
Last update
June 29, 2020

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