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Pawel Skiba
Pawel SkibaPoland

Pawel Skiba

Video & Digital Marketer
Video & Digital Marketer


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Sales & Marketing
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Rzeszow, Poland
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"I think that my communication skills, experience in business development, and knowledge about video related topics are my biggest assets. Daily I work in the digital marketing area - I work directly with clients, create long-term marketing strategies, perform SEO tasks, email marketing, outbound marketing activities, etc. I have less experience in PPC, however, I'd love to develop my skills in this area(I know dashboards pretty well, but I lack some longer hands-on experience). As a side job, I create videos and animations for businesses in Europe. I spend time on outreach and managing projects from start to finish. I treat it more as a side job tho. I think this is one of the most interesting projects I've ever got involved too. It required from me simultaneous work on client projects, lead acquisition, and dealing with the less funny side of a business - paperwork. :) Anyway, I feel like this is the role that I feel good in. Video - Youtube especially - is my thing. I have lots of experience in publishing there. Due to the lack of time, I've never been consistent there privately, but I developed my own channel to 5k subs and helped my girlfriend to grow her channel to over 60k. I learn fast and technical topics are usually really simple for me. Most of my life I worked remotely that's why I have pretty good work ethics. I know how important it is to have good communication in the team, being transparent and human-centric. These are things that I resonate with. I am far from saying that I am a perfect candidate for every position. But if you're looking for someone who has a mix of soft and technical skills, I'd more than happy to work with you."

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