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Quetta Locchi

Experienced 'Remote' Professional: Travel | Events | Marketing | Administration
I have my own Travel/Tour business.


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The owner of the eponymous DMB beauty brand wanted to reward her team members, all celebrity make up artists, with an inspiring weekend getaway. She wanted to highlight their hard work, which had resulted in a banner year for the company, as well as inspire them for the coming year of projected sales growth. Her team members are based in different US cities and rarely are they all together in one location, so she also wanted to encourage communication and bonding. I delivered a curated selection of 4 destinations which fit her criteria: Puerto Rico, Scottsdale, Austin, Savannah. Including detailed information about each location. Once she made the decision on location (Savannah) and preferences, I reserved and managed all bookings, including: a storied mansion in the historic center, private chef meals onsite, a horse-drawn carriage for transport from the accommodation to dinner, tours, notable local dinner & brunch restaurants and a spa day. Among the deliverables: Trip Itinerary + Reservations document with all venues’ contact information for her reference once onsite, Travel Information document - to share with team members (re: flights, arrival, transport, accommodation, packing, etc) On social media I was excited to watch many videos in real time on Instagram Stories of the team’s delight with the accommodation and all of the different local experiences. They all sang the praises of Savannah and that they would love to return to such a charming city.

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