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Sales & Marketing
Shweta Pandey
Shweta Pandey

Shweta Pandey

Copywriter, Graphic Designer and Social Media Marketing Specialist

Social Media Manager at Career Mentors, Freelance Copywriter

I am dynamic and I am always looking to grow, both myself and your business.

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Cover Letter

"May 2018, I co-founded a new website called with my brother. The idea was to learn digital marketing on my own through online material and practical application. I learnt SEO copywriting, SEO, SMO and the basics of digital marketing. In this process of running a website, I did a lot of content marketing as well. To my surprise, the website became a success and turns out all my new learnt lessons implemented well. 2 years down the line, it has more than 6.6 lac views. More than any quantitative result, I learnt a lot of relevant things without enrolling myself in a school or writing any exam. I learnt the theory, applied the same in the practical world and now I can say that it was indeed a very productive practice. The achievement that stands second was working in Suso Digital as a copywriter. I worked in collaboration with the content marketing team and it was a great learning experience. I created articles for off-page SEO for 1.5 years. "

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Professional field
Sales & Marketing
Work availability
Part Time
3-6 Years
Level of education
Master’s or equivalent level
Last update
May 14, 2020

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