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Silvia Martinelli
Silvia MartinelliItaly

Silvia Martinelli

Bilingual Clinical Psychologist
Bilingual Clinical Psychologist


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Milan, Italy
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"As a clinical psychologist, I have been working in different contexts straight after graduation, for about 3 years. The places I worked for were hospitals, therapeutic communities, educational services. Therefore, I gained clinical experience with patients affected by various issues and cooperated with different kinds of staff teams. A couple of years ago I decided to move with my husband and started looking for a new job in Milan. I was willing to try something new and became curious about Occupation Psychology and HR, although I was very aware I had no experience at all in such field. I eventually managed to enter a consulting company operating in the field of Executive Search, called Telema. In the very beginning, I was under the impression that my brain was somehow stretching, absorbing new concepts and getting to know a vocabulary I was not at all familiar with. Within a couple of months I was able to handle a recruitment and selection process and was given responsibilities, both inside and outside the firm (e.g. tutoring interns, carrying out business development activities). Moreover, my personal history has made me travel extensively and live in four countries, which is why I am bilingual Italian-French and proficient in English. My language skills have always been an asset for me, which I have exploited by giving private lessons, among others. Over time, employers have leveraged it in different ways too. For instance, while working in therapeutic contexts I was responsible for writing and translating scientific articles. Likewise, Telema saw an opportunity and asked me to manage relationships with foreign customers. This is something I am particularly proud of because not only I have managed to enter a branch of psychology that was new to me, learning fast and achieving goals for my company, but also I put to good use the linguistic skills and cultural knowledge that is part of who I am. What I learnt from the experience in Telema is to never be shy when it comes to challenge yourself and also to look for creative ways to exploit personal resources. "

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