Remote work career coaching

Do you want to learn how to make the right decisions for your remote work career?

Our remote career coaching plan is designed for those who want to build a remote work career or for those that are stuck in their current remote work role.

Are you struggling to figure out where to take your career next?

How can a remote work career coach be helping?

The building or changing of a career in the times we are living in has never been more challenging. The rules for how we work are changing. Companies are being forces to send employees to work from home, and the effect of this is that they might never go back to the 'normal' office style of work.

Where do you fit into all of this? Are you ready to start working remotely, do you know where to start searching?

Do you have the skills and competencies needed to get remote work?

With a remote career coach, we will help you understand how what you have can help you get on track. We will provide you with the tools needed to get out there and find remote work.

What you will get at the end:

Your LinkedIn and CV will be tailormade to be attractive for modern recruiters

You will learn through interview coaching how to become an expert in online interviews.

You will learn our secret technique on how to reach out and connect with the right people on LinkedIn.

You will know how to find remote jobs and how to apply for them.

You will become an expert in working from home, and have confidence in finding and getting a remote job.

The goal of our coaching is for you to be an expert in remote work so that finding the jobs for your current and future career comes easily to you.

Are you ready to start?
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Who is this for?


We start with a 15 min free chat without any obligation. I will tell you how it works from there. If you are not interested, then we don`t proceed.

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Meet your remote work career coach!

Hi, I am Paul Arnesen!

For more than 10 years I have been involved in recruitment, HR, and other aspects of people's career and work life. I have worked in large multinational corporations, I have trained soldiers on the battlefield and I have survived micromanagement in broken family businesses. I am also an entrepreneur and a remote work recruiter and have worked remotely for the last 5 years.

Choosing or changing a career is not an easy task, especially today when the modern world of work is changing to more remote work and occupations.

The most valuable skill any coach must have is the ability to listen to your needs.

I want to hear your story, your experiences, and background. I need to understand your personality, your skills, abilities, and competencies, your wants, and needs.

This way I can identify the right career path for you and help you search and apply for jobs where you can express yourself and shine.

Many times my clients have no idea about these jobs or opportunities, especially because of the uncertainty of what entails a remote job.

The remote career counseling process I use is a combination of self-guiding, investigation of yourself, assessments, and modern and effective job search strategies using LinkedIn and other online job boards.

We will get the result! The career process we do together is focused, clear, effective, and step-by-step we will reach your goal.
Paul A
Their no one factor which gains anyone 5 Star. Their are combination of various elements which brings the best experience. Paul is very professional and made full use of automation meld with timely and professional response. Not only did he complete the work in a project time but made my profile outshine.
Shirish Khedkar
Talentroo is a great platform for me since the corona situation has forced me to look for work elsewhere. Loved the experience. Keep rocking!
Leo Kirneh

What will our remote work coaching sessions cover?



We will help you to find your inner motivation. You might be working for the wrong goals, we will work on structuring your best opportunities.


In order to network better or work efficiently we need good communication. We will mimic real work situations that we record and go through it together.
personal relationships

Personal Relationships

A big part of how we work revolves around personal relationships. We will see how this changes when we work remotely.
personal development

Personal Development

Getting out there to find a remote career means you need to enhance your life, and develop yourself. Let`s look at tactics for this together.
career transition

Career Transition

What is the right career for you? Are you in the right job now? We will help you find careers that match your motivation, skills, passion, personality and interests.

LinkedIn Profiles

Today, 90% of all recruiters of companies hiring are using linkedin. How is your profile? We will update it to become attractive for recruiters and others.
career planning

Career Planning

How prepared are you for the next 'lockdown'? We will help you build contingency plans for future eventualityes. Let`s make some actionable strategies.
personal foundation

Personal Foundation

What are your real values and needs? How do they fit your personal and career choices? If you don`t know what you really want, then it might be hard to find your true passion.

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