Get ready for a remote working world!

Remote work is a skill, that is our belief here at Talentroo.

If you have no experience, you should train, and become better, and easier to employ. Recruiters and hiring managers today have thousands of people to choose between. What makes you stand out? Why would they choose you?

No only do our remote work experts have years of experience working remotely, but they have the skill knowledge in training you in becoming a better remote worker. They have been where you are, and know what it takes to land that really awesome remote job you have been dreaming about.

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Select the remote work course that fits your needs the best. All conducted live.

Interview Coaching

If you want to get a remote job you need to be able to conduct online interviews. Have you ever done an online interview?

For many that is a new world, and it might feel stressful being invited to an online interview if it is your first time. What tools do they use, how do I dress, is my internet working, can they hear me?

A coaching session with our interview expert will help you gain confidence going into your next interview.

Remote work career coaching

Stuck in your current career or want to build a remote working career? Where do you start?

With a remote work career coach you will be guided through all the steps needed to land your first remote job. We will go through your LinkedIn profile, your online personality, teach you how to efficiently find and apply for remote jobs and much more.

Our coaches has been working remotely for years and know the difficulties that comes with finding a remote work.

Remote job kickstart

Finding a remote job today can be overwhelming! There are thousands of online portals and places to search for jobs. Where do you start?

Together with a coach you will get the insights about where to start and where to not waste time.

Our coach is a real experienced and professional recruiter that know all the tricks in the book.