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Skilled Freelancers

We will recruit skilled professional freelance software developers, accountants, data scientists and more for your business.
The professional freelancer

Ensures growth & prosperity

A team consists of different levels of skilled people, but the ones that really ensure that you grow are the skilled individuals you assign to help you build your business.

The software developer, together with a web designer, UX/UI designers ensures you have an online presence that is attractive. A digital marketer working closely with a graphic designer gives your brand visibility and attraction. All developed by the business development specialist and managed by the project managers.

In every serious company there are skilled people running the show in the background. This is where you find prosperity.

Don`t leave hiring freelancers for these important jobs up to chance and calculated risk. Use a recruiter!

what type of freelancer do you seek?

We recruit freelancers globally!

Roles we specialise in

Who creates your software?

With a professional freelance software developer you are able to have your software built to your request.

Don`t leave that important part of your business up to a random freelancer.

Are you visible online?

Without proper marketing you leave it up to luck for people to find your products/services online.

Recruit an expert freelancer digital marketer to help you get visibility!

How would a dedicated project manager help you?

A project that is badly managed has a bad outcome. There is a lot of risk involved having no project managers.

A professional freelancer project manager minimises risks and maximises outcomes!

Is your branding exciting?

When you look at your visual presence online or in your stores, does it make you want to purchase?

A great freelance graphic designer will help you build a visual brand to stand out.

Do you use videos in your company?

Great videos shows not only you and your brand, but it helps you grow and increase your revenue.

Let a freelance creator give you the edge to be different!

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Whatever you need, we can help recruit them!

Talk to us about personal assistants, virtual office managers, UX/UI designers, tech support, accountants, translators, recruiters and more.

A skilled professional freelancers on your team will help you outperform your competition.

never hire fake freelancers again

Faking it online is easy, let us help you trust the freelancer.

Our expert team of recruiters have successfully recruited freelancers in various professional roles for forward thinking companies globally for years.

We know what it means for companies to find that person they will trust to do the work that will help their company grow.

Using your own methods, sourcing and interviewing on freelance platforms is time consuming and who you end up hiring is more unpredictable.

With Talentroo as your recruiter you set yourself up for success!

Matching your demands

Skilled Professional recruitment includes

recorded interviews

Real identity verified (KYC)

All candidates have been verified throuhg an external ID verification process. See Evalid for more info.

Pre-screening report

Every candidate are screened for basic information such as country of residency, languages they speak, professional field etc.
talent report

Psychometric/personality tests

With each candidate you will receive a profile of their personalty depending on their role and your need.
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Hire replacement guarantee

If the candidate you want backs out or decide to leave you within the the early stages, we will deliver a new candidate free of charge! (conditions apply).
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In-depth suitability analysis

In order for us to better find a candidate that matches with you and your company culture we do suitability analysis.
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Interviewed by human recruiter

All candidates are interviewed but a professional recruiter, live over a video call with video on.
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Specialist area skill tests

We test all candidates in the skills you expect them to have. So you can evaluate their skills before making a decision.
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Our recommendation report

We create a unique 1 page report with our recommendations about each candidate for your ease.
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CV provided on request

The CV/resume is in our opinion an outdated report, but we have it and will provide it upon your request.
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Dedicated hiring support agent

We team up with you through the entire hiring process and in the first 30-60 days after the hiring decision.
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Job listed on online job-board

Talentroo has its own dedicated job board where we can advertise your open position to thousands of talents! Jobboard
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