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remote experience

Global Ally

Through our global network, we connect your business to freelancers and professionals worldwide for remote and onsite hire.


Freelance Specialist

We are experienced recruiting specialists with expert knowledge of sourcing top freelancers and others that exactly fit your job requirements.

project manager

Profitable Partner

Save time and resources by cutting costs on sourcing, screening & hiring to focus on growing your return of investment (ROI).

Where we are

Recruitment on a global scale

We have a global network of partners, talents, workers and channels, counting close to 100K screened talents, freelancers, remote workers and global professionals.

Within days, we source and assess professionals in any geographical location, speaking the specific language(s) you seek.‍

Our unique workforce solutions are a modern and innovative approach to recruitment. Applying a combination of unique recruiting and sourcing practices, screening methods, and verification solutions, our approach to finding your next remote specialist or building your team is custom-made to meet your current and future goals.

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End your global talent search today.

We take three simple steps to find your next top-rated employee or freelancer. Our specialist recruiters are on the task from the moment you submit your request.

Step 1
Get in touch for a strategy call


Tell us what you need and when you want it done. Our global headhunters will immediately begin vetting our network to make sure we offer the most suitable candidate within your budget.

Step 2
Discuss your needs with our experts


Depending on what you seek, within a few days, we will send you a report on the type of candidates we can source, a quote on the costs, and a time frame for the complete process.

Step 3
Recieve a quote


When you are happy with the quote and time frame, we will send you a contract with all the work-related details. When it is signed, we will start and finish within the agreed deadline.


Talentroo helped us recruit, here is what we think!

evalid testimonial

" As an innovative remote-first company we always need freelancers with a unique set of skills. Going about finding them on our own is time consuming, especially going over the amount of potential freelancers. With the help of Talentroo we are able to get quality freelancers, readily recruited, so I could focus on growth. "

- Sukh Singh
Compliance Director,
Cedar Rose

" At Cedar Rose we are always striving to find the best people to support our business. We are grateful to work with companies such as Talentroo to help us source great talent."

- Cynthia Gebeily, CICP
General Manager, Cedar Rose
Why work with us

Global quality recruitment at a lower cost

Our maxim is to always be transparent with our offering, work smart to reach your goals, and exceed your expectations.

100K +

And growing. We have direct access to pre-screened freelancers and remote talents through our network and partners.


Countries we have partners with. All clients appreciate our portfolio of dedicated, vetted and verified freelance workers and remote talents.


Remote. We have no overhead expenses for offices, commute, or staffing. Competitive prices/services save time and increase your profits.

We seek out the best

Freelance & Remote Workers

The dedicated worker is perfect for companies already engaged in business process outsourcing (BPO).

If your company needs to find dedicated workers doing data entry, chat operations, content moderation, customer service, or more, we have built a network of pre-assessed and verified freelancers available for hire.

We seek out most skilled

Professional Freelancers

A professional freelancer is perfect for businesses operating within remote working environments as well as for companies wanting the best people, no matter their location.

The categories of skilled professional freelancers we frequently recruit (but are not limited to) are software developers, UX/UI designers, digital marketers, HR specialists, accountants and more.

Our recruitment plans for skilled professional freelancers start at €1995 per candidate.

We recruit the most effective

Executives & Managers

Running a business in 2021 demands strong management. In the current global business climate where companies heavily rely on remote work and have high expectations, finding accomplished people with relevant backgrounds is essential.

Would you hire someone to run your global company without remote work experience?

Our recruitment plans for executives and managers start at €3995 per candidate.

How we work

Confidently ensuring candidate delivery. Every time!

4 points of quality


Over years of working in the world of freelancers, we have partnered up with relevant and experienced people. We have dedicated allies in more than 20 major countries worldwide.

We are able to accurately source the right talent for you by utilising unique and dedicated sourcing methods such as outreach campaigns, online marketing, targeted job postings, and interaction with professional freelance communities


Our team consists of global recruitment experts with proven freelance remote work experience. Together we have developed an effective method of selecting and interviewing candidates that will match your business and goals.

Among the proven methods we use are: KYC verification, pre-screening, video interviews, psychometric & skill testing, various remote work adaptability assessments, and more. Moreover, we provide reference checks regardless of the location, on-demand.


We approach working with you as your internal recruitment partner. This helps us gain a unique understanding of your business needs.

We ensure that the candidates we present to you and that you have to make a selection from are tightly aligned to your demands. Not only is this time-saving, but also more cost-efficient. Never again spend time and money and cost on various open online freelance portals.


Your success is our success. Our work partnerships should be beneficial for both.

We are confident that the candidate you select in the end will be a valued addition to your team. If not, we have flexible solutions to guarantee you replacements within a set time frame.

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