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As a European-based Recruitment agency, we work with global companies recruiting top talent in Europe to fill their remote, expatriate or relocation roles.

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Our recruitment services


Remote talent search and headhunting

Reach 90% of Europes professional market for talents working with our recruitment team.

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Mass volume recruitment and staffing

Since 2019 we have placed more than 12,000 individuals for global BPO companies and similar.

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Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO)

Go global faster, working with our worldwide RPO team of recruitment and HR specialists.

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local or global recruitment?

Finding great-performing employees can be frustrating. Now try recruiting the best talents globally.

When you understand that you can attract better employees with remote positions, you might realise that you don't know where to start looking for available talents.

Luckily, we do!

We have figured out where to find and how to recruit that one hard-to-find specialist or those 200 customer support representatives speaking 20 different languages.

So you can leave the remote recruitment jobs to us.

Stop writing detailed job descriptions, posting on hundreds of job boards, receiving uninspiring emails and flipping through countless bad CVs.

Talentroo is the staffing agency that finds the people you WANT to hire. From anywhere in the world.

Trust the numbers

Total access - Volume capacity - Faster than average


European Reach




Avg days to fill

Recruitment & headhunting Experts

Specialist recruitment areas

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Let us find your next remote sales superstar! Our recruiters specialise in searching for and finding great remote sales talents, such as business development managers, account executives, lead generators, sales consultants and many more.

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Are you looking for that next-level marketing specialist? Our marketing background is solid. Our company was founded by people that used to run very successful digital marketing agencies. We will help you find your next marketing executive, content moderator, UX designer, social media manager and much more

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HR & compliance

Our team has built up an extensive network of remote human resource professionals through many years of working in HR. We can source your next payroll compliance officer, organisational psychologist, head of remote and several other HR and compliance positions. Specialist in work from home.

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Why work with Talentroo?

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Reach more candidates

80 % of suitable candidates will never know you are hiring. We have global reach and extensive talent access.

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Fill positions faster

You will receive a shortlist of candidates within a few days. On average, we can fill your open roles within two weeks.

save money

Get more for your $

As a remote-first company, we have no overhead costs on expensive real estate. Your investment is to fill your roles.

Trust our partners and network

We work with both great clients and candidates


Elena Hoebeke

stars trustpilot
The experience with Talentroo and Paul has been outstanding... It is rare to find a more genuine and passionate recruiter/coach as Paul. He has the unique ability to listen, give developmental advice, and stay authentic with the core value wanting you as a candidate to shine and succeed. Without a doubt, can I highly recommend Paul and Talentroo!

Sourabh Page

"Excellent!!! -My interaction with Paul has been exceptional. His skills and knowledge are amazing."

Prakash Shrestha

5 stars
I've failed quite a lot of interviews. I've never thought of lot of things like first impression, value proposition and action plan's role in the interview process.Pål was friendly and delivered me the session very well...

Ahmed Aly

5 stars
Interviewing with Talentroo was smooth, exciting and a all in all a pleasure.
example girl


5 stars
I had really great impression after using Talentroo service in terms that I have received really good feedback information and general great advises that were very helpful. This service helped me to understand where I was making mistakes during online interview and how to avoid that situation in future.

Shirish Khedkar

5 stars
Their no one factor which gains anyone 5 Star. Their are combination of various elements which brings the best experience. Paul is very professional and made full use of automation meld with timely and professional response...
Still not convinced?

3 reasons why Talentroo is different

European specialists and 100% remote

We do not only claim to be a European recruitment agency; we are! We work with clients on all continents. Centralised but with a distributed global network of recruitment specialists. We are 100% invested in remote work and have more than a decade of remote work experience to gauge the talents we screen.

Small but global

Our organisation is light, but we can reach far. We have access to candidates and a team of recruitment professionals in all corners of the world. Since we started in 2019, we have built a database of pre-screened talents. We have set up numerous websites and social groups with thousands of members, ready to be engaged,

Unique and varied skillsets

In addition to being HR professionals with years of recruitment and headhunting experience, the foundation of our recruitment sourcing strategy is a result of our founding members' extensive marketing background and years of social media marketing projects in the recruitment industry.

full suite recruitment

What we do to find the best people

Global research & sourcing

You will benefit from our 100k+ global network of remote talents.

Remote job board

We will post your open position(s) on our popular remote jobs only job board.

Tailored pre-screening

Depending on your need we create an unique applicant pre-screening process.

Psychometric/personality tests

You can get a report on the personality of each applicant, based on your needs.

Remote fit analysis

Our special remote analytical method confirms remote fit or not.

Skill assessment

We can test for any skill. We will ensure all your candidates are thoroughly assessed.

In-person video interview

All candidates are interviewed by a professional recruiter, live over a video call.

Custom report

We create a unique 1-page report with our recommendations about each candidate.

Hire replacement guarantee

You will get peace of mind with our generous replacement guarantees.

Real identity verification

You have access to our ID verification partner to ensure a candidate is real,

Background checks

Through our ID partner and network we are able to do extensive background checks.

Client and candidate follow-up

We follow up with you and the candidates for  after you have decided to hire.

Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between a remote recruitment agency and other agencies?

First and foremost, it is essential to understand that most of our recruitment methodology is very similar to "traditional" recruitment agencies. However, there are a few things that make us different:

- Our organisation is 100% remote, so we don't have fixed offices.
- When we look for candidates, we efficiently work with a global pool of talents instead of local talent pools.
- We offer 1 point of contact to clients regardless of where your hiring needs are.
- No need to contact local branches worldwide or deal with foreign languages.
- We speak English but have access to recruiters in any language you need.

Do you have a presence in country/region XYZ?

The answer is always yes; at least in 90% of the world, we will be able to help your hire from, hire to or hire within.

Through the possibility of remote work, we have a network of verified professional freelance recruiters in most countries worldwide.

Example: Company ABC is looking to hire ten customer support agents speaking English living in Colombia. Talentroo creates the project as fit to meet the goals of the company. As part of the project and to ensure we can connect with potential candidates in Colombia, we engage one of our vetted professional recruiters in the region to assist us in the search. They speak the language and know the candidate market the best. The project is run and managed through us.

What will it cost us to hire someone through you?

It depends on the type of project you have for us. As we are a professional recruitment agency, our costs related to helping you hire is close to the market standards. However, because we have much lower overhead costs by being a remote-first company (no physical offices), we charge a bit lower than those with corporate offices.

We generally work on a percentage calculated on annual compensation per placement, but we have a minimum fixed fee.

There are three scenarios where we would discuss different pricing:

1. When looking for that 1-2+ employees for some specific position. Typically a software developer, a social media marketer or an executive. Percentage pay.

2. When looking to hire one or several freelancers on a short-term project. Fixed price.

3. If you want us to help you with mass volume recruiting of more than 10+, such as for BPO companies with customer support agents, moderators, game presenters etc. Fixed price per placement.

I am looking for a remote job, can I talk to you?

We are more than happy to help you find remote work. There are several ways we try to help but, at the moment, we do not have a remote career service. However, if you want to stay updated on available remote jobs and resources, we have some options for you:

- Check out our remote job board.
- Follow our company page on LinkedIn here.
- Join our dedicated Facebook group for remote work here
- Sign up for the Vantage Point newsletter by clicking here
We are ready to engage

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