Hire Remote Workers Ready For Remote Jobs

Remote Work Talents Pre-Screened & Interviewed.

As a recruiter finding great remote workers can be time consuming and costly.

What if someone had already screened the potential candidate for you?

Talentroo screen and interview remote work talent for you or your clients so you save time and money!
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Find remote-ready remote work talents that have:

remote experience

Remote Experience

All remote workers in our database have a minimum 2 year remote work experience and knows how to be productive remotely.



We ensure that all candidate have a professional and functional remote office setup. They are ready to start working remotely today without your assistance.

video interview

Video CV

Our recorded interviews show you how the remote freelancer manages video calls so you can have productive calls from day one.

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Fluent In English

We conduct all of the interviews in english. You can asses their level of english yourself in the recorded interview in their profile.

Talentroo gives hiring recruiters, recruitment agencies or companies access to pre-screened remote work talents, with recorded interviews, straight within their online profile!

How do we do it?

We source and select the best remote workers.

Stop wasting time browsing LinkedIn and Upwork to find your next talented remote freelance worker.

We save you time by sourcing talents through the worlds largest databases of freelancers and remote workers.

We find the best remote workers that have the setup, skills and motivation to work remotely.

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We give you recorded screening interviews.

Our HR interview experts record the screening process with all remote workers we have approved.

All interviews are recorded, saved and added to the talents online profile so you can watch in your own time.

The screening talk covers their professional background, remote experience and experience in their professional field.

We offer free access to profiles.

No hidden costs. We promise. We do not charge a commission on the talents you reach out to.

You only pay to have access to our work, such as talent sourcing, profiling and the recorded interviews.

We do the bulk work, so you can focus on inviting the best talent for you, your company or your clients.

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Would you hire someone to run a remote team without remote experience?

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