Virtual cup of coffee!

Grab a virtual cup of coffee with me, Paul Arnesen - the founder of Talentroo.

Hello, I am Paul! I like coffee.

paul coffee toast
Do you work remotely and miss grabbing a coffee with someone?

Do you like to connect online, but is tired of writing messages all the time?

So do I!

I am therefore inviting you to join me for a 15-minute coffee break (or any other beverage you might prefer).

What can we talk about? Anything!

You can choose any topic, it can be related to your job, or it can be just a casual talk about the weather. It really doesn't matter.


15 minutes per chat.
1 available spot per weekday.
We chat on Google Meet.
It is Free!

Find an available time spot in my calendar below.

I am looking forward to grabbing a coffee with you!

Schedule your virtual coffee!