What and who?

Helping businesses hire better.

"I hired a person based on a brilliant online profile, but the moment we started working together, I wanted to change him. We had a tough time communicating, and he didn't make sense when he explained his work. I wish I knew more before about him before I hired. I just lost so much time." - Entrepreneur, 2020.

Finding the best talent is stressful, time-consuming, and hiring the wrong person impacts the wallet, your projects, and your reputation.

By using external recruiters, talent scouts, and HR agencies, you can minimize the risk, but such solutions are expensive and might not fit your timeframe.

And leaving the hiring to someone that doesn't know your goals and aspirations for your business can be a gamble.

Hello, I am Paul!

Paul Arnesen
After 7 years studying human resource management, I held several positions in HR and management, and I have recruited hundreds of people. I have been interviewed and hired, and I have recruited and fired. Recruitment is a tough job.

When it comes to finding the right talent, I am a believer in face to face interviews. When talking to a prospect, they can display themselves and their skills directly, in person.

In today's online world, we read online profiles and make a judgment on the text. We forget that there is a real person behind the online CV.

So I created Talentroo. 

The only online job portal where you can browse pre-recorded interviews, making you in charge of selecting the best remote workers you like, based on seeing and hearing them.

We give businesses more information to work with.

Recruitment is a skill. You build it through experience, but it is time-consuming. So using help is tempting, but that can be expensive.
Talentroo is the solution that fixes that issue.

We allow you to act as your own recruitment agency, where we lay the groundwork for you, so you have more information.

Our talents are actively on the market, looking for work. They have provided a CV for you to download, and we have verified them in face to face interviews that we have recorded for you to see.
All conducted by human resources and recruitment professionals.

Are you ready to start hiring with Talentroo?