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Talentroo goes against the tide of recruitment and workforce staffing. In a world of work where services are increasingly outsourced by AI and cheap solutions, we focus on the people and the global talent pool.

Employment today, either for blue or white-collar jobs, is fundamentally different than in the past. When everyone expects remote work, and few companies facilitate it, finding the best suited people for your team is stressful, time-consuming, and hiring the wrong person impacts the wallet, your projects, and your reputation.

By engaging external recruiters, talent scouts, and HR agencies, you can minimize the risk, but such services are expensive and might not fit your time frame.

Talentroo is the solution that fixes that issue.

the Talentroo specialists

Our team of specialists consists of contracted freelancers with unique skills, experience and background from global recruitment.

melida shaw


Recruitment Specialist

Mel, who has a background in Media, learnt from one the best Executive Recruiters in the USA (Forbes awarded). She has since been involved with in house Recruitment and HR for a number of startups in the Tech industry.

With her global recruiting experience, she is passionate about helping freelancers find new opportunities.

Mel is fluent in English and French.
melida shaw


Marketing Specialist

Dominic has worked at online marketing agencies for five years, specialising in search engine marketing. He likes to work with companies on their online presence, while always providing a good dose of creativity and humor. He has extensive experience working on marketing for recruitment purposes and with this background Dominic is helping Talentroo do the right things online: actions that contribute to the online objectives in the short and long term.

Dominic is fluent in English and Dutch.
melida shaw


Talent Acquisition

Ivana has had the pleasure of connecting job-seeking professionals with businesses for over five years.

After spending two years recruiting, hiring, and training freelancers for a news & media agency, she has acquired talent for companies involved with software development, IT services, e-commerce, digital marketing, and copywriting.

Ivana is fluent in English, Serbian, Bosnian and Croatian.
the Talentroo Board
paul arnesen


Founder / Operations

Paul holds a MsC in Human Resources from ISCTE, Portugal and a double bachelor with honours in Human Resources & employment relations and international business from AUT, New Zealand.

Before starting Talentroo, Paul worked as a freelance consultant and manager within recruitment, marketing and online privacy.

Paul is fluent in English, Norwegian and Swedish.
paul arnesen


Owner / Executive

Erik has 10+ years experience of owning and running companies worldwide. His background is from marketing where he has worked professionally in all aspects of online marketing since 2006.

Erik is passionate about providing better work opportunities for freelancers globally and with Talentroo that goal will be achieved.

Erik is fluent in English, German and Dutch.
melida shaw


Co-Owner / Technology

Arjan has more than 15 years of experience on the technical side of running online businesses. With a background of being a developer he has extensive knowledge in multiple programming languages and has a knows how to develop an idea into a product.

He is passionate about processes, efficiency and how to automate these.

Arjan is fluent in English and Dutch.
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