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Medivet - For the love of people and pets

Medivet - For the love of  people and pets Ivana Georgievska
February 25, 2022

Key Takeaways

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Medivet is a veterinary chain soon to be known to every pet owner and vet in the UK and Europe!

Using cutting-edge diagnostics technology to provide complete healthcare to animals and support to pet owners at any time, anywhere in the country, is not only a profession but a calling.

Since its founding in 1987, Medivet has demonstrated leadership in the profession.

Being founded, owned, and to this day led by veterinarians, its team has a first-hand understanding of all the challenges and hardships that come with the job. 

Striving to bring long-term practical solutions in their work environment and the industry as a whole, Medivet established a tradition of utilising the best practices in making the lives of animals, pet owners, and veterinary professionals as easy and fulfilling as possible.

Unique Business Model

Teamwork is the backbone and inspiration for the unique business model “hub and spoke”, which allows smaller practices to have 24/7 access to hospitals and centres fully equipped with the latest diagnostics and treatment technology as well as the support from the best specialists in the country. 

The “hub” is a hospital that’s located within a 30-minute driving distance from any Medivet clinic, while “spoke” stands for a private practice or a veterinary clinic that is a part of Medivet’s partnership network.

This operating model provides complete animal healthcare regardless of whether the patient requires lab tests, MRI, a clinical procedure, or a standard check-up.
On the other hand, the vet who works in a smaller practice and requires a more complex diagnostics or clinical procedure that cannot be performed on the premises can bring the patient within 30 minutes and use the hospital to provide the best care for the patient. Such service support and availability relieve the vets from financially competing with bigger veterinaries while providing better treatment for their patients.

Global veterinary job opportunities

The UK is among the leaders in the global veterinary industry, and Medivet is at the forefront in supporting the progress of the profession by offering exciting job opportunities for veterinarians around the world. From routine health checks to advanced surgeries, they’ll work directly with clients and their pets and have the full Medivet support behind their efforts to excel. 

Medivet offers job positions to vets worldwide to join the team and embark on a new career path in the UK. The recruitment process is managed to ensure adequate support, improving wellbeing, and managing expectations. During moving to the UK, they will support the vet by:

  • Sponsoring the VISA
  • Paying for the plane ticket
  • Helping with the moving
  • Providing allowance throughout the year

To satisfy the continuously growing demand for qualified veterinarian professionals and maintain the principle of operating as a unit, Medivet strongly believes in the partnership model.  

All Medivet veterinarians that are interested in the business management side of their profession have the chance to run their own practice and become a partner:

  • Branch Partnership - co-owning and running your own Medivet practice
  • Regional Management - providing a direct line of communication between the Support Center and clinics in their region as Regional Director. 
  • Clinical Operations - overseeing areas of business such as safety and strategy
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A supportive work environment

The most common problems that vets and veterinary staff report as stressful are: long working hours, increasing public expectations, professional isolation, and the emotional burden of interacting with sick animals and their owners

Led by the desire to be the best they can be, Medivet’s three core values are 1) Trustworthy and Empowering, 2) Caring, 3) Progressive, and the vets are essential in every aspect of this value system

Those veterinarians who become part of the Medivet team can expect diverse and rewarding careers and colleagues that will guide and help them through every step of the way. 

Our Medivet recruiter for Poland, Kasia Zakrzewska, shared the feedback she got from a Polish veterinarian who moved to the UK to work for Medivet and has become the Regional Director.
His experience reflects the experiences of the other “oversees vets” who moved to the UK to work for Medivet:

“First problem is the pet insurance. Many countries, among which Poland too, don’t have animal healthcare insurance. This makes diagnostics and clinical treatments a “luxury” for pet owners unable to afford the expense. There’s a little bit of treating animals blindly by giving medicine to see if it works or not and directing the treatment upon reaction because it’s the cheaper alternative.

Medivet provides vets with access to modern equipment, pet healthcare plans, and pet insurance that allows appropriate diagnostics and treatments without worrying about clients’ budgets.

Another problem for veterinarians in smaller countries is the competitive market. Vets don’t cooperate with each other because they are under pressure from the management not to consult colleagues or refer patients to more diagnostically equipped practices because they may not come back. This leads to professional isolation.

Medivet encourages collaboration and has implemented an organised referral program. It is run through the Support Centres where vets can turn for help from more experienced colleagues. The Center will search their database and provide the contact information of the right person. This is of tremendous benefit for the vets because they don’t waste time doing their own research and provide competent care to the patients. With Medivet’s referral program, the initial vet is still in communication with the pet owner and works in a relaxed, collaborative environment. 

The third big difference is the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for vets. Each Medivet veterinary surgeon receives £ 1.500 and three days off from work for external education in any field of personal interest to further their expertise.

As a novelty in the industry, a four-day workweek is promoted in certain practices allowing for incredible work-life balance.”

If you are a qualified veterinarian and wish to work in a clinical scientific setting and be a part of a caring work environment, don’t hesitate to contact one of our recruiters dedicated to Medivet roles:

Poland - Kasia Zakrzewska / / +48 798 195 915 / Facebook

Romania - Oana Maria Florea / / +40732 351 50

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