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In need of medical experts, veterinarians, or other healthcare professionals? We specialise in sourcing people for the healthcare industry.
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As multi-hospital and clinic systems become more modern, the shortage of a professional healthcare workforce is hard to eliminate with limited recruitment resources. Even in thriving economies, local clinics and veterinarian offices remain vacant for months without a clear solution for finding the necessary staff.
Apart from rising costs and changing regulations, the most significant handicap is the lack of means to find, appropriately assess, and process the medical professionals looking for employment.

Talentroo fixes these crunches by getting in front of the globe's top medical talent and offer their skillset to employers. We know where medically trained people are superfluous.

In collaboration with some of our partners, we assist clients in finding the medical personnel they specifically need, regardless of the field of expertise. We build a vast network of pre-screened and vetted certified healthcare professionals - from nurses and veterinarians to dentists and trauma surgeons.

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Sourcing global healthcare talents!

Roles we can help with


Nurses are in high demand!

There is a global shortage of nurses due to a variety of factors.

More than 13 million nurses is expected to be needed to fill future gaps.

Many economies do not have enough supply of educated nurses to fill all vacancies.








Medical Specialists


Other Professionals

Quality souring in difficult markets

Finding top medical talents is not done using LinkedIn!

When you are looking to hire a healthcare professional you will need to go unconventional directions to try to source them. The most common places such as LinkedIn is not a place where you typically find medical talents.

We have experience and a network of quickly reaching thousands of trained medical staff and other healthcare professionals.

Through a mix of outreach through our network and marketing methods we can gather a list of suitable candidates for you within just a few days.

This makes us different than the competitors who often will spend weeks providing you with their first candidates to reviews.

Talentroo aims itself at making the difference for you and the candidates we source.

Matching your demands

Why work with Talentroo?

recorded interviews

Real identity verified (KYC)

We can verify the identity of all candidates through an external ID verification process partner.

Pre-screening report

Every candidate is screened for basic information such as residency, languages they speak, professional field, etc.
talent report

Psychometric/personality tests

With each candidate, you can receive a profile of their personality and abilities relevant to their role and needs.
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Hire replacement guarantee

If the candidate you want backs out or decide to leave you within the the early stages, we will deliver a new candidate free of charge! (conditions apply).
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Cover-all suitability analysis

In order for us to better find a candidate that matches with you and your company culture we can do a suitability analysis.
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In-person video interview

All potential candidates are interviewed by a professional recruiter, live over a video call.
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Specialist area skill tests

We test all candidates in the skillset you expect them to have. Feel free to evaluate their skills before making a decision.
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Our recommendation report

We create a unique 1-page report with our recommendations about each candidate for your convenience.
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CV provided on request

The CV/resume is in our opinion an outdated report, but we have it and will provide it upon your request.
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Dedicated hiring support

We team up with you through the entire hiring process and in the first 30-60 days after the hiring decision.
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Job listed on online job-board

Talentroo has its own dedicated job board where we can advertise your open position to thousands of talents!
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Follow-up interviews

Sometimes a decision is though, so we will do follow up interviews with your favorite candidates before you decide.
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Recorded candidate interview

On request we can record the whole or parts of the interview with the candidate. We share the recording with you to better understand the candidate.
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Background checks

We conduct background checks of the candidates if this is important for the
role. The info we can request depends on the nationality of the candidates.
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