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We will find the best remote talent, anywhere in the world.
There is a global market for talents out there. If you are serious about getting the best people for your business, you need to start looking worldwide. We will look, source, vet and recruit your next remote talent.

Why we bring you success

Are you recruiting locally for a global reach? You are losing out on many of the worlds best talents. We expand your impact area to all the talents of the world. By using our network of recruitment specialists in all the major regions of the world we source and invite the top talent to your available positions. We ensure that all efforts is taken to verify the talents identity, background and experience. So you are left with people ready to grow your business.

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Extensive Verification

We use state of the art AI verification methods to ensure that we truly know the persons we talk to. We conduct all screening interviews on video and record every second of the interviews. In addition we do our utmost to collect references and feedback from all candidates peers.

Specialised Recruitment Agents

Our professional recruitment agents are experts in global recruitment on a local level. Meaning, they will source the best people for your jobs within your desired region. They are also highly specialised in the fields you are looking to hire for.
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No CV - Personal Talent Report

CV is an ancient tradition and method to screen people, so we we will not send you the talents CV. Instead we will send you their recorded interview, and our unique report built from our screening and research based on your specific demands for your next superstar talent.
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Globally Sourced

When searching for people today, or advertising for your open positions you are very often limited to look within a specific market or country. It can be costly and time consuming to try to reach the world. We have a reach globally, and have the structure in place to reach the top talent, no matter location.

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