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Top 10 Reasons Why Moving to Denmark is a Great Idea

Top 10 Reasons Why Moving to Denmark is a Great IdeaIvana Georgievska
November 22, 2021

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10 reasons why moving to Denmark is a great idea

I am making a case for why you should plan, pack your bags, and move your family to Denmark. You decide.  

Many countries around the world can be considered a great migration option for people to build a successful life for themselves and their families. In my opinion, very few, if none, can equal the prosperity and empowerment the Danish system offers to expats. In no particular order of importance, here is my choice of ten reasons why moving to Denmark might be the best decision you have ever made.

  1. Danish lifestyle

People-oriented. Relaxed. Clean. Hygge. Low crime rate. People here have time to walk, live life at their own pace and enjoy the moment. I know it sounds zen, but that’s exactly what it is. The Danes managed to achieve that delicate equilibrium between career, family and personal satisfaction. Living well is the goal and it is felt in every pore of society. 

Life in Denmark is free and calm, offering everything that might interest you without pushing to consumerism or trends. Nothing explains it better than the hygge culture. It means coziness, relaxing pastimes and atmosphere to do the activities you enjoy, alone or in a company. Feeling safe and happy is the most important thing. No wonder Denmark has repeatedly been voted as the happiest and healthiest nation in the world. More people are moving to Denmark rather than leaving. You can’t help but notice that people are content with what they have, where they are. 

The Danish lifestyle is sought after the world over.

  1. Childcare

Denmark is typically a family-oriented society that does a great job supporting families with children. There is a wide choice of public childcare institutions where you can enroll your kids from the age of six months until they start primary school. Professional teachers make sure they receive appropriate care and cultural education.

Working parents receive full support from nurseries, kindergartens, before-school and after-school centres providing a safe and nurturing environment for all children within the community.

Being a child-friendly society, parents can take their kids everywhere - restaurants have children’s menus, museums, theatres and many other attractions welcome and engage children just as well as the adults.

Denmark has one of the wolds most progressive childcare policies.

  1. The danish healthcare system

Denmark has one of the best healthcare systems in the world.

Within 90 days of your arrival in Denmark, you will receive the national yellow Health Insurance Card (‘sundhedskort’ in Danish), which allows you to choose your personal GP, and gain access to all healthcare services and hospital visits.

This yellow card enables you to receive proper treatment from a skilled medical professional that will not submit a bill to pay on the way out. It’s free. Booking a doctor’s appointment is managed by a simple phone call, and you will be able to see a doctor the same or the next day.

In the unusual occurrence that you can’t reach your GP, your appointment will be booked in a hospital instead. 

Free and excellent healthcare in Denmark.

  1. Location of Denmark

Being situated in the middle between Western Europe and the Nordic countries and islands, Denmark is very close to some of the most exciting tourist and cultural hotspots in Europe. Traveling from Denmark to all European countries is well organised and affordable.

Overseas flights to almost every corner of the world won’t break the bank either. Travelling isn’t considered to be a luxury but a necessity for a good lifestyle. Denmark can quickly bring out the adventurer in you when you have the time and the means. Sea travel is also a viable option if you want to visit neighbouring countries and islands

Another great thing about Denmark is that it’s never too hot during the summer and in winter, the country is covered with snow with plethora of winter sports and outdoor fun activities. The best thing are the decorations during Christmas and New Year - it is like in a Hollywood film with all the lights, sparkles, hot wine and holiday cheer.  

From Denmark you are just hours from Europes greatest cities.

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  1. The size of Denmark

Denmark is a relatively small country compared to its neighbours, has a flat landscape surrounded by beaches and the sea. The highest elevation (Møgelhøj) is 178 meters and it has its own tourism office. You can get to any location within a five-hour drive, and you will never be further than 50 km away from the sea.

If cycling is your hobby, visiting friends or attending an event can be a great exercise and a cheap mode of transportation.

Unlike sprawling big cities, you can actually go out for a stroll without being surrounded by heavy traffic and noise. There are numerous hiking routes, parks, greeneries and outdoor activities that encourage moderate physical activity. Travelling in Denmark is manageable regardless of your destination and the transport you choose. 

Small but impactful!

  1. Danish public transportation

The cycling culture in Denmark is ever-present like nowhere else in the world.

With a well-established and regularly maintained biking infrastructure throughout the flat landscape, and in addition to the punctual and all-around developed public transportation system, you can spend your whole life living in Denmark without a car.

You can go to any friend gathering or event you choose and get there on time without missing a beat. Big cities like Copenhagen have a metro that reaches destinations faster than driving a car. The regular investments in reliable and highly organised public transport are primarily used for providing impeccable service to the citizens and secondarily, to reduce the air pollution and protect the environment. 

You can get almost anywhere in Denmark with a bike.

  1. Danish Internationalism

In the last decade, especially since 2019, the number of immigrants who come to live in Denmark is soaring. Accommodating the growing number of immigrants coming to live and work in Denmark from all over the world has transformed the country to one of the most cosmopolitan places in the world.

As its Nordic neighbours, Denmark is committed to building bridges of tolerance and providing a high level of development aid in the integration of newcomers into the Danish way of life. The International Citizen Service (ICS) helps people with the paperwork, offers support in finding suitable jobs for them to become self-sufficient and organises info meetings, workshops for cross-cultural collaboration while simultaneously connects people through volunteer activities.
Language isn’t a barrier because nearly everybody speaks English proficiently.

Denmark is multicultural

  1. Danish work culture

If there ever was a work-life balance that facilitates the path of having a great career with a ton of opportunities to grow while at the same time providing the flexibility to be a dedicated parent, it is in Denmark.  

Workplaces in Denmark have flat management structures with an open-door policy. This empowers employees to talk about their ideas and problems, encourages teamwork and most decisions are discussed in forums. Such work culture results in high levels of satisfaction, increases professional responsibility towards tasks at hand, which of course, leads to successful careers and companies.

The average workweek is 37 hours. Employees are entitled to 5-7 weeks of paid vacation a year, 3-5 sick days and 10 public holidays making it easy to organise family trips and visit relatives abroad.

If a person gets “fired” or decides to quit work, the insurance provides at least 18-month support for additional education and a better job opportunity. Read more about working in Denmark here.

Never a boring day at work in Denmark

  1. Innovation in Denmark

Denmark has a long tradition in innovation that until this day continues since the time of the Vikings. From the comb, the battle axe and the long boat, through the improved magnetic compass and portable tents to the revolution in environmental sciences, pharmaceuticals, biomedicine and agriculture, Denmark is on top of the world leaderboards in technical and technological progress. The latest crazes are robotics, machinery and engineering.

Creativity with out-of-the-box thinking is taught to children from an early age as part of the education system. It is a national strategy that merges into the culture of developing an educated and innovative society for generations to come. 

Lego - one of the worlds most innovative companies is Danish

  1. Inclusion and equality in Denmark

Denmark is a country where everybody is considered an equal while individual differences are respected and held in high regard. This isn’t a mere statement of a modern society, but it is a tradition and a way of life.

If we analyse the Dane’s progression through the centuries, even when the world was in the dark ages, they had always had unusual tolerance towards different cultures, races and customs. They respected women in their communities like nobody else did in that era.

Fast forward to today, Denmark is a thriving tolerant society that embraces diversity, inclusion and multiculturalism. Humanity, fairness and good quality life come above all else. It is a nation with a mission to improve living and working conditions for its citizens and provide a sustainable and clean environment for future generations.  

You will not feel like a stranger in Denmark


If you are a trained medical professional interested in a career in Denmark, check out our open positions and apply directly. Reach out to us with any questions or if in need of assistance at  

It is never too early or too late to make the decision for a prosperous life.