Why are you not focused on employer branding?

Why are you not focused on employer branding?Paul Arnesen
January 7, 2021

Key Takeaways

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What is your reputation as a place to work?

Are you focused on employer branding at all?

When you think about companies that are known for being good places to work the first company that often come to mind is Google.

Their “employer brand” is very strong and I would go as far as to comparing it with other well-known brands such as Nike and McDonald’s. The difference being the latter is known first and foremost for the products they sell and not their employment practices.

Google is known for the products they sell, I acknowledge that, but they also have a good reputation for being a place of choice to work.

Top rated in almost all ratings on different aspects such as, employee trust and engagement, workplace culture, practices in hiring, two-way communication, employee development, work-life balance, recognition and more.

What Google has done, they have made their work environment something they sell. They don’t sell it to customers, but they sell it to potential employees.

By having a top employer brand you are able to attract top talent, retain employees and get recognition for your work among many stakeholders.

The question is, are you doing it, and if so, who are doing it?

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This job is not something your marketing department should do.

This is something you as a leader do in how you decide to define the workplace culture of your organization.

Marketing is all about selling products and making generic ads to attract customers, your task is to create a stimulating work environment that people know and speak warmly about.

In today’s social media environment this is more important than ever.

Current and especially former employees can spread bad words about your work practices that will seem unattractive among many job seekers.

Look at your organization and ask yourself how you are you perceived on the outside. Ask people who don’t work for you how they perceive the organization.

And listen to the feedback you get. If the brand is perceived as good people will “buy” it.

Trust me.