How to scale your business with a remote sales team

How to scale your business with a remote sales teamIvana Georgievska
August 10, 2022

Ready to grow you business with a remote sales team?

You ticked all the boxes of business requirements that include - building your business, product launching, market research, and the whole spiel. 

But what’s your solid plan for marketing and selling your product or services to your customers?

The answer to that concern is: having the Right Sales Team

To grow your organisation’s profitability and sustainability, you must focus on increasing sales costs effectively. 

More importantly, establish a structure that can scale up fast to support your growth if you meet your sales goals and growth targets.

The best thing you can do to support your company is to hire the most talented salespeople from the most lucrative market. 

We have composed this guide to help you learn all aspects of how you can build and scale a remote sales team and set it up for success.

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Key Takeaways

To grow your organisation’s profitability and sustainably, you need to focus on increasing sales cost-effectively.

Invest in scaling your marketing and sales team to boost your ROI by delegating this considerable task to professional sales recruiters.

To succeed in the sales area, it is required to allocate the easy, structured, and repeatable sales process.

We ensure your sales reps provide a consistent customer experience as you build your sales organisation.

Your primary strategy should be focused on targeting the right client and not just approaching any company.

Every sales rep should be allocated with clear goals, objectives, and responsibilities.

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How to build your remote sales team

Understand what you want

It is crucial to determine and analyse what's your type for the scaling sales team.

Moreover, when you hire a sales specialist for your sales team, they will evaluate every aspect of your business.

It includes your business strategy, growth, target market, customers, nature of your services or products, and more.

Consider the following points that will help you determine your type in a better manner:

  •     Do you require outside or inside sales?
  •     What sort of experience do you want to consider? 
  •     How many people will you need to scale your team?
  •     What will you do to help them?
  •     What methods will they employ?
  •     What are the most prominent skill sets?
  •     What criteria will you use to determine their success?
  •     What tools do you need to implement in your budget?

Consider whether you require inside sales, field sales, or a combination.

Determine the type of experience and background required and the number of sales reps you'll need to scale up.

You'll also need to figure out what processes and necessary tools you'll need to support the expansion.

Again, you should plan to guarantee that you hire the right people for the correct position.

It's time to start hiring salespeople once you've determined what kind of salespeople you'll need

Hire the right team

Account executives will most likely be your first employees, and it's critical that you pick the proper people.

Exceptional AEs may close up to 45 per cent of prospects in the pipeline, compared to fewer than 15 per cent for low-performing AEs.

So knowing what you're seeking in a great seller as you interview and hire your new AE is critical.

High-performing salespeople can think beyond the box and respond thoughtfully in interactions.

They're teachable, inquiring, humble, and eager to learn new skills. 

Most of them are also competitive, which drives them to work hard and efficiently.

Putting together a sales team with various backgrounds will help you find more prospects.

To bring in a larger perspective and open up new markets, hire for gender diversity, ethnic diversity, and experience diversity.

Consider the following characteristics:

  • Energetic
  • Possesses a logical mind 
  • Competitive
  • Motivated
  • Non-traditional
  • Resilient
  • Quick-learner
  • Self-starter
  • People-oriented

It will be easier to hire if you try harder to understand the ideal fit.

Train and Encourage your Team

A repeatable and scalable onboarding process is essential for ensuring that everyone on your team has the same institutional knowledge and can provide a consistent and predictable sales experience.

With point systems and a leaderboard, use gamification to drive your employees.

They will pique many sales reps' competitive instincts.

For instance, You can utilise sales contests to push team members to embrace new sales tools or to achieve specific goals.

To motivate sales staff, you'll also need a compensation scheme that relates success to commissions and bonuses.

This will enable you to balance expense and risk while attracting the best salespeople.

Implementing necessary tools

You can expand rapidly and efficiently with the help of digitalisation and automation.

Make the most of this by utilising the massive quantity of client data you have at your disposal. 

Sales professionals can make data-driven decisions and enhance ROI if they use the correct sales tools effectively.

Invest in software systems for sales intelligence, sales interaction, analytics, sales enablement, and sales management/coaching. 

By reducing operations, you will aid your sales force in increasing sales efficiency.

Use the best communication platform.

Most of today's sales are made over social platforms and virtual calls.

So you'll need a trustworthy communication platform with broad outreach to businesses and entrepreneurs. 

You will also need platforms like Slack, Trello, and Calendly to plan and schedule your leads efficiently. 

Find the services and customer support software to deliver the right features at the right time.

These technologies will allow you access to the best-in-class communication tools as your business grows without making a sizeable initial commitment.

For example, a cloud-based call centre technology enables you to deploy a remote sales force and access a bigger talent pool while cutting operating costs.

Moreover, it provides monitoring and reporting capabilities that allow you to get real-time information to help you enhance your sales performance.

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Strategic methods to scale sales faster with success

Design an easy, structured, and repeatable sales process

To succeed in sales, it is required to allocate the easy, structured, and repeatable sales process.

In addition, it will help new reps quickly pick up on their assigned role and effectively achieve targets.

However, you must focus on the repeatable processes that will help you scale effectively before you hire your sales reps.

Therefore, it is crucial to set your ways to measure and track the process. Moreover, you need to collect relevant and accurate information and data.

Then, you should analyse your sales process accordingly.

In addition, make sure your sales reps are providing a consistent customer experience as you build up your sales organisation.

Further, they'll accomplish so by following a well-designed sales process that produces repeated results.

Also, your sales funnel will improve over time. However, it is essential to plan and design this process from scratch.

While a skilled salesperson may improvise a single presentation, a scalable and successful sales funnel necessitates a written and repeatable sales process that your entire team can follow.

Activity-based selling

Implementing a scalable sales process offers a clear idea to new sales reps.

It allows them easy access to understand and act over a series of activities to complete the scalable sales cycle.

In addition, it will help them focus on the primary aspect and enhance their performance.

Moreover, you can only do what you can control. Track, assess, and evaluate your sales team activities and performance.

It will allow you to improve the weaker aspects of your sales team.

Measuring your team's metrics will enhance productivity and sales.

Your role is to fine-tune your scalable sales process and the flow of tasks your team must accomplish to increase sales consistently.

This tried-and-true strategy works so effectively for businesses trying to proliferate.

Much Needed Focus

It is impossible to bring out effective results with a stressed mind. Unfortunately, sales reps usually go through stress to meet specific deadlines. It further leads to panicking and anxiety, which lowers the quality of work. 

Instead of putting pressure on reps to meet quarterly revenue objectives, activity-based selling keeps them focused on what they should be doing now.

Consistency is the Key 

Keeping team members on the same page becomes more challenging as you grow. Moreover, you'll find it more difficult to track and optimise performance across the company if each rep starts using their unique method.

Furthermore, you can track and manage your sales process as your company grows by focusing everyone on the same duties. This eliminates the need to check in on new salespeople constantly.

The Right Role

You should be able to insert a salesperson into an activity-based sales model immediately and get results. There is no ambiguity about their role or how to carry it out. When you're proliferating, this is critical.

You will eventually see results when your sales reps can deliver what they can control through their skills. However, there is no fixed notion or strategy to achieve results that might cause mental strain on your reps. Also, offering them transparency would enhance their confidence would be best. 


You know the procedure is scalable if your newest team members accomplish their tasks satisfactorily. If not, you'll be able to pinpoint the sections of your process that aren't working.

If one rep is having trouble, there's a strong likelihood that it's not your procedure. Individual training, mentoring, or a specialised performance enhancement strategy can all aid that rep.


It is easier to personally analyse and handle your sales reps when working with a small sales team. 

Although, the sales team may hide away their concerns or issues. Though, it will then be visible on the final data.

But in that case, you can still manage the problem with the sales rep one-to-one.

On the contrary, it becomes challenging for a larger sales team.

You cannot personally converse with each member to address their issues or concerns. It may further affect the scales.

Tracking should be your priority if you want to scale your sales success.

When you adopt an activity-based selling strategy to build a scalable sales process, however, then, your salespeople will know precisely what they need to perform.

You'll know what everyone on each team has been up to if you have a CRM that allows your salespeople to log their daily activities effortlessly.

Navigate the team with Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

You can only lead your team in the right direction by making intelligent decisions.

Therefore, to foresee and address any concerns on the horizon, you need to utilise the key performance indicators generated by your scaling sales process.

An experienced sales team can determine where you are falling short of the desired outcomes and how to correct them.

Then you can concentrate on the weaker portions to avoid blunders and increase your growth.

That's how you traverse the always dangerous waters of scaling up quickly.

Trusting the process

Managing rapid development based on your intuition and experience can leave you exposed.

Moreover, to support your decision, you must rely on data-driven insights.

Making decisions without understanding and evaluating data will turn out to be disastrous.

Similarly, making judgments based on intuition will jeopardise your company's future.

If you employ a scalable sales process and an activity-based selling approach, you can be confident that your team is entering consistent and correct data.

You know you've got an excellent future forecaster on your hands.

This is what you'll need to back up your judgment and experience.

Then, you'll be able to make well-informed and intelligent decisions on how to scale your business successfully.

5 Common mistakes to avoid when building and scaling a sales team

Starts or established businesses must know what to avoid to build and scale a sales team successfully. Here we have discussed the five potholes that you need to avoid

1. Failing to target the right customer

Your primary strategy should focus on targeting the right customer and not just approaching any customer.

Although it may sound obvious to chase specific customers, it may not work successfully in each case.

To achieve high efficiency, you must build a strong, performing team that targets the right customers.

2. Ignoring customer retention

Sometimes startups or even established businesses assume that loyalty and customer retention depend on customer satisfaction.

Unfortunately, an entirely misleading assumption might take your business downhill.

Further, one should understand that loyalty originates from the perceived value and high satisfaction is an irrelevant concept in this case.

Keep in mind that your clients are also the target customers of your competition.

If you ignore building your customers’ value, you might quickly lose them. Therefore, you must invest consistent efforts to boost your customer’s perception.

3. Lacking a clear definition of the sales process (DSP)

What factor could transform a struggling sales team into a successful scaling sales cycle?

Well, the answer to that question is - having a clear definition of the sales process (DSP).

Every sales team should have clear benchmarks and objectives that could navigate them step-by-step through each process—not having a clear, detailed pattern would negatively affect your sales.

Therefore, it is crucial to train and teach your reps to follow those benchmarks (best practices) to close a successful deal.

4. Failing to coach your sales reps with structured training

What sets your top 10% sales reps apart from the other 90%?

One significant aspect that sets successful sales reps apart from others is — that they know what exactly to say and do to close a deal.

Subsequently, if you want to achieve that for all your sales reps, you must conduct a structured training program or hire proven sales performers.

Interestingly, having a solid foundation of DSP for your sales team would effectively show positive results.

In addition, make sure to teach your sales reps to obtain core skills that would lead your company to success on each level.

5. You are not providing clear roles to your sales reps.

Most business owners or managers do not provide precise positions to sales reps that further overburden them. As a result, you will witness adverse effects on your sales.

Every sales rep should be allocated with clear goals, objectives, and responsibilities. Expecting them to do everything would only cause a castrating effect. 

Therefore, implement practical tools to keep your employees engaged and productive in their work.

Furthermore, track their metrics and other factors that need to be trained for a better scaling sales drive.

How can Talentroo help you?

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